About Our Company

Our Team

Shaun Olsen

Adrian Wilson
Executive Vice President

Nicco Leone
Chief Operating Officer

Our Promise

Assure Complete Confidence in your Technology. Anything that CloudWyze sells, CloudWyze supports. Your technology, when supplied by CloudWyze,  will be able to support every aspect of your business growth.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to consistently provide the ultimate business technology experience. Our customers know that whenever they interact with CloudWyze – or a CloudWyze product – it will be a good experience. We have complete confidence in our technology and in our people, and we commit to making your experience with CloudWyze the BEST – the ULTIMATE experience.

Our Story

It’s striking to most people. The first time you meet a CloudWyze employee, you know they’re thinking about how to help. It’s one of the strings that bind all of the CloudWyze team – the desire to make life easier for those we meet, using whatever tools are available. There is a series of things that make our company CloudWyze, and characteristics that identify a team member from the start. Experience is one of those things – primarily in technology, as you would expect, but also in consumer products, banking, home building, finance and manufacturing. We, together, help businesses use technology to its most efficient advantage – but never let it get in the way of doing business.

Our team is driven by strategy. From the first idea to the first whiteboard session, we consistently look to the big picture – the end goal – and create, then implement, technology strategies that serve our customers objectives. We’re committed to building a vibrant business community and building a business environment that helps us all grow and prosper. Our role has been to build a technology and communications company that gives our customers confidence in their technology, so that they can succeed in their business.

CloudWyze gives businesses the respect and creative problem solving that they deserve, by delivering outstanding Connectivity, Communications, Cloud Solutions, and Technology Support Services.