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Living United in the Cape Fear Region

At CloudWyze, we are committed to helping the non profit organizations in our region. For this reason, we believe that the non profits in Wilmington area deserve a spotlight. […]

Is your Business Cyber Healthy?

Health is wealth. Never so true is that statement than when it’s applied to your business! With the reliance you have on the Internet for everyday communication and […]

The Last Mile: Wilmington Internet to Impact NC Success

We’ve been exploring North Carolina lately, learning about other communities and their needs. The word we keep hearing is they want to be like Wilmington… which is funny, […]

CloudWyze to Expand, Bringing Internet, Technologies to Underserved NC Markets

North Carolina’s Secondary, Tertiary Markets Targeted for Business, Residential Service Wilmington, NC, September 10, 2016 – CloudWyze, Wilmington’s leading technology and communications firm, has unveiled a new corporate […]

CloudWyze Expands Sales and Marketing, Adds Donovan and Revell-Pechar to Team

CloudWyze, Inc., Wilmington’s communications and technology services company, announces the addition of two senior team members. Ann Revell-Pechar joins the team as VP Marketing, and Daniel Donovan boosts […]

CloudWyze WISP Brings Reliability, Speed to Cape Fear Businesses

CloudWyze, Inc., Wilmington’s communications and technology services company, today announced that they will begin offering a new wireless Internet Service to businesses in Wilmington and the Cape Fear […]

Local Cloud Services and IT Provider, CloudWyze, raises over $1 million in growth capital

CloudWyze, Inc. announces the closing of a new round of funding that will be used for expansion of customer offerings and network coverage. CloudWyze CEO and local entrepreneur, […]

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Internet Diversity: No More Downtime

How vulnerable is your business if you lose access to the Internet? It may not be that critical for some small businesses if their Internet is down for […]

Be Wilmington

CloudWyze recently attended the CED Tech Venture Conference in Raleigh, one of North Carolina’s most important conferences for entrepreneurism. Hundreds of investors from across the country packed conference […]

CloudWyze is Hiring!

Do you think you have what it takes to be a part of the CloudWyze team? CloudWyze is looking for two responsible and organized engineers to join our […]

4 Reasons The Cloud Should Be In Your Fall Business Plan

Traditionally, businesses that have a budget cycle echoing the calendar year begin their fiscal-year planning in the fall. If you’re beginning to think through now what you want […]

Burglar Versus Cloud

Nearly every day at CloudWyze we get an inquiry about the security of data stored in the cloud. Honestly? Cloud Infrastructure is typically significantly more secure than any […]

Your Data: Held For Ransom

Businesses are experiencing an uptick in attacks by a particularly dangerous computer virus: the CryptoLocker ransomware Trojan. This is a particularly painful virus that can both impede your […]

Walking A Thin Line

Many businesses are walking a thin line between being in business … and not. A lot rests on the systems put in place for the business. Processes and […]

Five Sign’s You’ve Found The Right Employee

Small and growing businesses struggle daily with the task of finding the right people to join their teams. The smaller you are, the more critical that new hire […]

How Smart Is Wilmington?

The era of the Smart City is here. No, I am not weighing the intelligence of our population against those of other cities, but I am weighing how […]

Backup: It’s More Than Data

It’s been pounded into our heads for decades: you must have a solid backup of your data. What’s becoming clear is that having a backup for your Internet […]


Ya gotta love this place, don’t you? I mean, it’s spring, so we’re outside more. Being outside means you’re seeing more people and have more opportunity to interact […]

High Fiber Diet – Google Style

Google Fiber. It seems everyone’s talking about it – even more so since Google announced that they’ll be bringing their much ballyhooed Internet Service to Charlotte, the Triangle, […]

3×3 > 50×5

A tech-savvy executive approached me recently to ask me about Internet service. He was confused, it turns out, by the numbers being advertised. How could he know what […]

3 Ways Wilmington Behaves Entrepreneurially

An inspiring article was published earlier this year in Inc. Magazine. It was written by Matt Erlichman, the founder of Angie’s List competitor Porch, and it posited five […]