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Phase 1 of the Nash County Broadband Project is underway! We are excited to start work on this project and we hope that you are as well. As the project continues to the next phases, we will be expanding to new areas in Nash County. If you are interested in service, please fill out the survey below so that we can contact you with updates.

For additional information, regarding our Nash County Expansion, call (252) 220-5589. We look forward to serving you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The pilot project is designed to prove that fixed wireless can help close some of the services gaps in Nash County. During this phase of the project, (2) areas of the county have been chosen to install a smaller version of the overall network and to serve (10) households in each area which have previously been considered underserved or not served based on a previous survey and current data collected.
CloudWyze is currently expected to have these locations live by March of 2019 which may fluctuate due to factors such as weather, permitting and contractor availability.
We have been servicing the Cape Fear region with CloudWyze internet since 2014.
We are in discussions with other counties in North Carolina now.
We assume that each county will work with CloudWyze to develop its own specific approach, however the primary differentiator is that we offer a series of business technologies and services to the companies and agencies located in each county.
CloudWyze is a hybrid internet provider which means we use a multitude of technologies from fixed wireless to fiber. For Nash County, we will be doing the same. Fiber will be brought to our network, we will then connect our towers via fiber and/or point to point (a wireless cable) then deliver our service to your residence or business via fixed wireless (such as LTE) or point to point. We operate very much like a mobile carrier except our customers don’t move around (like a mobile phone) which allows us to provide a better, more consistent experience.
There are several areas of consideration:

  1. How easy is the area to work with? Are they proactively helping us identify a market for our product? Have they identified a point person or group for us to work with?
  2. How many businesses, agencies and nonprofits are in the region to support the expansion? We realize that the region’s needs are often more for residential access than for business access, but there must be enough business in the region for us to make a long-term commitment. Companies that will ultimately buy services from us – such as cloud services, support, consulting, phone systems or Internet – will carry significant weight in our decision.
  3. What is the terrain? Our primary method of Internet delivery – Fixed Wireless – requires the location receiving the internet to ‘see’ the tower. Mountainous or dense tree-filled regions – particularly pine trees – are areas that are more expensive to service than urban areas or those which are flat and have less trees.
CloudWyze uses many data sources to determine the next service location including previous survey data, current survey data, call-ins and data collected by other agencies such as the FCC. If you are interested in service, we always recommend calling our office at 252.220.5589 and speak with a member of our sales staff located in North Carolina.
Take the survey above to stay up to date on the latest developments, call us with any specific questions and share the news with your friends and neighbors.