Disaster Recovery

The World is Changing

Don’t let it stop you from doing business. Hurricanes, ice storms, earthquakes and other natural disasters can strike with little notice. Man-made disasters — terrorist attacks, hacking — are designed to surprise you. Either way, your business is  jeopardized. Whatever lays ahead, CloudWyze can create a custom strategy to help your company be prepared and able to resume business with less than a hiccup.

Your infrastructure: Safely Off-Site

With CloudWyze, key components of your business’s technology infrastructure are securely managed off-site. This makes continuation of your vital technology infrastructure during and after a disaster viable.

Our approach:

  1. Schedule a network assessment.
  2. Complete our DR planning tool with our team.
  3. Choose the areas you would like improve.
  4. Let us implement the plan and test!

Are you prepared?

It’s more than about backing up your data – it’s about staying in business. Can your team keep working, seamlessly, from anywhere there’s a computer with Web access? Any device, any location, and you’re back in business. Contact CloudWyze, and we’ll help you get ready.