Better Internet. Better North Carolina

Bringing broadband to underserved communities.

Bringing Broadband to Underserved Communities

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Better Internet. Better North Carolina.

CloudWyze provides hybrid fiber and fixed wireless ISP solutions to bring fast and reliable broadband internet to your community.

Compared to fiber or cable, fixed-wireless is much faster to deploy, and does not involve digging up streets or moving lines on poles. It's much faster than DSL, satellite, and cellular hotspots, and is very low latency.

High Speed, Cost Effective Internet

  • Internet upload/download speeds 25Mbps - 1000Mbps.
  • In most markets service price starts below $40/month.
  • No usage caps, no overage charges, and no throttling.
  • No bundling required.
  • We are the perfect cord cutting solution.
  • We support Net Neutrality.