1 Dedicated Bandwidth

When you buy Internet from CloudWyze, you’re not getting just our best effort – it’s guaranteed. We give you your own, dedicated “express lane” to the Internet, and that comes with the industry’s best Service Level Agreements (SLA) – meaning your Internet is both fast enough, and reliable, with an industry leading up-time. Guaranteed.

Quickly Scalable 2

Things change. A business may start by simply needing reliable Internet for 4 or 5 employees, VoIP phones, and basic email. They’re generally happy with a 3x3Mbps connection. But when the big account is landed, you expand to 20 employees, use Cloud Services and have regular video uploads, that’s just not a big enough pipe. When you expand, you’ll want a company that makes it easy to grow – or shrink, as necessary. With CloudWyze, it’s like turning up (or down) the volume. Simple.

3 High Quality

Using VoIP phones? Ever get that garble? That’s called jitter. Bad experience with hosted desktops, virtual machines and Citrix? More than likely the root cause was latency from your internet provider.  It’s time to focus on quality. At CloudWyze, we’re are hyper focused on the experience and commitment to providing only the best.

Synchronous 4

As businesses move to cloud applications and offsite data centers, the upload has become as important (if not more important) than download speeds. But traditional providers charge an arm and a leg for a committed upload. Not CloudWyze.  Our service is designed for synchronicity, for small businesses to large enterprise.

5 Price? Half, or Better

If you compare CloudWyze Internet to our competitor’s dedicated offering, such as MetroEthernet, you will find we are almost half price. Just be sure you’re comparing apples to apples… their “35×5” will never hold a candle to our “10×10”. Call us to find out why.

Meanwhile, here are a few samples of our prices:

3x3 Mbps
Comparable to two T1 lines
  • 1 - 5 employees or 5 - 10 hosted desktops
  • 2 - 5 VoIP Phones
  • Basic emailing, web browsing and point of sale (POS)
Starting at
5x5 Mbps
Comparable to business fiber
  • 1 - 10 users or 10 - 20 hosted desktops
  • Moderate web browsing
  • High volume transaction processing
  • Significant email with attachments
  • File sharing
Starting at
10x10 Mbps
Comparable to business fiber
  • 10 - 50 users
  • Heavy web browsing, email, video conferencing
  • On-line backups and file sharing
  • Cloud connectivity
  • eCommerce
Starting at