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CloudWyze makes your business phone experience great. We offer solutions that will fit your needs, from the “one man show” to a complete 1000-user call center. Whatever you choose, we’ll be sure it works – for you.


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The latest in reliable VoIP technologies are the focus of all our phone plans. No matter what your needs are, we’ve got you covered:

Road Warrior
Your Mobile = Office Phone
  • Strong PBX Feature Set
  • No desk phone required
  • Access to full featured PBX system
  • Keep your number, or we'll get you a new one.
  • Look as big as your competitors
  • Great for one user, but can be used for hundreds
Starting at
Trunk Plan
Your System + Our Service
  • Traditional Feature Set
  • Use your system/phones
  • Keep your number – or we’ll get you a new one
  • Can be added as SIP service, SIP trunk or analog/PRI replacement
  • Get great quality, lower costs, unlimited plans and more flexibility
  • Perfect step towards VoIP or for those invested in an on premise system
Starting at
Basic Phone
Get new IP phones and service, or use your own phones
  • Strong PBX Feature Set
  • Onsite or remote training for users or administrators
  • Choose from a range of quality phones
  • Back end management and full connectivity
  • Extensive PBX features; expand as you grow!
  • Great system for those who need desk phones, have multiple offices or just want to save money
Starting at
Premium Phone
Get new IP phones and service, or use your own phones
  • Enterprise Feature Set
  • Onsite or Remote Training for users or administrators
  • Unlimited options for big phone demands
  • Customize PBX Features great for call centers
  • Elastic: add or remove phones easily
  • Designed to cover all requests from call centers, to remote offices, hoteling, etc.
Starting at

3 Knock-Your-Socks-Off

CloudWyze phone service is more than a connection: it is customer service craftsmanship. Our network design and installations combine with our top priority – outstanding service – to ensure the highest quality professional solutions possible.

Call us today, and we’ll talk you through the right solution for your business.
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