About Cloudwyze

Our Mission

We’re empowering communities through technology by providing innovative solutions and building strong relationships. Keep reading to find out more about cloudwyze!

Full-Suite, Full Service
IT Solutions

Why CloudWyze?

A homegrown North Carolina company at the leading edge of high-speed internet solutions, we can geek out on innovations all day. But when it comes to our customers, we prefer to focus on our business. Our team
of entrepreneurial-minded tech leaders wants to learn your pain points. We want to discover your vision for the future!

Our internet services are built on a hybrid network that pairs fiber with fixed wireless systems. This enables us to offer outstanding internet at a more reasonable investment and makes the opportunity to upgrade easier when technology advancements are available. No other IT product provider offers this integrated service, and no IT service provider also provides hardware solutions as we do. With CloudWyze you get it all in one package, with the peace of mind that we’re at the top of our game.

This empathetic approach and the reliability of our technology and our people combine to foster strong, collaborative relationships and build trust with our customers. Whether we’re sitting alongside a client in their boardroom or across the living room from a new residential customer, we are focused on solving that specific customer alone. SO instead of asking why CloudWyze, ask yourself why not CloudWyze!

“CloudWyze is not just a vendor pushing services. They solved my problems with creative technology solutions.”

Dallas Romanowski


Who We Are

Entrepreneurs on a mission to connect

From the first iteration of the business, as far back as 2002, CEO Shaun Olsen approached IT as an entrepreneur, not a provider. That is woven deep into our culture to this day: from the moment you meet a CloudWyze employee, we’re already assessing how we can help you. The desire to problem-solve is what drives us, and this is who we bring into our team.

We are technology professionals, first and foremost, but our experience is vast.

Our team comes from a variety of industries, which helps us put ourselves in your shoes. We come from: consumer products, banking, home building, finance, and manufacturing, so we can sympathize with your challenges and match best-fit products and services.

Our team is driven by strategy.

From the first idea to the first whiteboard session, we consistently look to the big
picture—the end goal—and create, then implement, technology strategies that serve our customers’ objectives. We’re committed to building a vibrant business community and building a business environment that helps us all grow and prosper. Our role has been to build a technology and communications company that gives our customers confidence in their technology so that they can succeed in their business.

Our History


Founded in Wilmington at a time when the city experienced major internet service gaps.


Cloudwyze becomes a leader in providing cloud computing solutions to local businesses.


Cloudwyze grew to become the #1 MSP and Specialty ISP in the city of Wilmington


Cloudwyze spreads its footprint across North Carolina for rural, “Internetification.”

2020 – Present

Cloudwyze goes live with Nash and Harnett, NC county networks, and aggressively pursues additional growth.

Working With Cloudwyze

CloudWyze is a family of positive, connected team players

Working with us, you’ll experience a sense of belonging. You’ll meet optimistic people, passionate about our cause: empowering communities & building strong relationships.

Founded in Wilmington, NC, CloudWyze is a technology service provider that partners with organizations and communities to solve technology problems. We work with local companies as well as state and local governments to bring better service to underserved communities. With an emphasis on making our beautiful state more connected, CloudWyze’s impact is immense and needed, especially in today’s climate.

We look forward to continuing to grow our team, locally and regionally, while making a positive impact in our communities.