About Our Company

Our Team

Shaun Olsen
CEO & Founder

CloudWyze founder and CEO Shaun Olsen is an entrepreneur and community leader who strives to empower businesses and consumers through technology. A veteran of the IT industry, Olsen started CloudWyze in 2012 after having played pivotal roles in several startups. Each of these offerings delivers a combination of IT, voice and data, and multimedia systems. Olsen is a graduate of the Cameron School of Business at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington and continues to be active in the university’s Center for Entrepreneurial Development and the Cameron Executive Network. He is Chairman of the Board for the United Way of the Cape Fear Area.

Adrian Wilson
Executive Vice President

As executive vice president at CloudWyze, Adrian Wilson positions the Company for strategic relationships, including those surrounding funding opportunities and government and community relations. Attorney, entrepreneur and venture capitalist, Wilson has held many positions in corporate investment, including as founder of Square1 Ventures where he managed a $45 million venture capital fund-of-funds. His leadership as an attorney and consultant is widely regarded, as is his role as co-founder of telecommunications company Airwavz Solutions. Wilson completed both an MBA and a JD at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill after receiving a BA in History from Davidson College.

Nicco Leone
Chief Operating Officer

As COO at CloudWyze, Nicco Leone is charged with finding efficiencies in daily operation while facilitating excellence in customer-focused corporate activities. He joined CloudWyze after founding digital marketing automation company, Lykewyze. While building a global center of excellence for Brooks Brothers, Nicco firmly established his expertise in computer organization and architecture, managing software implementation, supply chain, and reengineering to reduce cost. Nicco came to Brooks Brothers from Capgemini Consulting where he was operations and technology consultant. He holds an MBA from New York University and a bachelor’s degree in economics from Georgetown University.

George Greenleaf
Chief Technology Officer

A 34 year veteran of the IT industry, George is a visionary leader who leads teams that deliver global technology initiatives.  George joins CloudWyze after a 27-year career with EMC and Dell Technologies.  During those years, George held a variety of roles including Regional SE Manager, VP Solutions Partnering, and Cloud Business Director each of these roles was focused on bringing cloud products and services to the customers often, partnering with many of the largest technologies companies to architect, build, and deliver these solutions. Over the last five years, George has served as Field CTO.  In this role, he consulted Fortune 500 companies on how to architect and deploy multi-cloud and cloud-native cloud operating models that provide desired business outcomes.  George has a BA in History from Southern Illinois University.  George is also active in his community serving on various United Way Committees.

Our Promise

Assure Complete Confidence in your Technology. Anything that CloudWyze sells, CloudWyze supports. Your technology, when supplied by CloudWyze,  will be able to support every aspect of your business growth.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to consistently provide the ultimate business technology experience. Our customers know that whenever they interact with CloudWyze – or a CloudWyze product – it will be a good experience. We have complete confidence in our technology and in our people, and we commit to making your experience with CloudWyze the BEST – the ULTIMATE experience.

Our Story

It’s striking to most people. The first time you meet a CloudWyze employee, you know they’re thinking about how to help. It’s one of the strings that bind all of the CloudWyze team – the desire to make life easier for those we meet, using whatever tools are available. There is a series of things that make our company CloudWyze, and characteristics that identify a team member from the start. Experience is one of those things – primarily in technology, as you would expect, but also in consumer products, banking, home building, finance and manufacturing. We, together, help businesses use technology to its most efficient advantage – but never let it get in the way of doing business.

Our team is driven by strategy. From the first idea to the first whiteboard session, we consistently look to the big picture – the end goal – and create, then implement, technology strategies that serve our customers objectives. We’re committed to building a vibrant business community and building a business environment that helps us all grow and prosper. Our role has been to build a technology and communications company that gives our customers confidence in their technology, so that they can succeed in their business.

CloudWyze gives businesses the respect and creative problem solving that they deserve, by delivering outstanding Connectivity, Communications, Cloud Solutions, and Technology Support Services.