IT Management


Your connection is about more than your download speed. CloudWyze offers managed bandwidth, dedicated upload, and service that can adjust up or down with your needs.

Business Phone

From one-on-one calls to 1000-user call centers, our focus on providing the latest VoIP technology over the fastest connection ensures your team is set up for success.

Cloud Services

Data stored with us in the cloud is safe, secure, scalable and easy for your employees to access remotely—unlike data sitting on that old server in your back office.


Our CloudWyze network security team has all eyes on your data at all times. Web, email and server filtering, and remote server protection evade attacks before they get to your end user.

IT Management

Whether in-office or remote, consider our IT management support personnel team as part of your core team. We’re your help desk, your hardware specialists, and your software therapists.

We’re the it management “IT” firm

Slow connections plagued by latency—the same delays that cause frozen Zoom screens—have given Voice over IP—you know it as “VoIP”—a name synonymous with calls that sound like they’re being held underwater. We’re here to tell you that this has nothing to do with the technology and everything to do with the connection. And since you know our connections leverage the latest tech available, matched exactly to your company’s business needs, whether you’re a retail store that barely uses the phone or a big customer service call center, you can rest assured your CloudWyze phone service will be pristine.

So much more than a helpdesk

We take IT management seriously, and the business that gets done on our phone lines. We can’t wait to give you “just right” phone service—and service you no longer fear will drop calls or make you sound like a robot. No matter your needs, we’ve got you covered. We do offer some turn-key setups—here are our most popular ones. But like everything else, we offer custom solutions for phone, too.

Less risk, more security

When we talk about our service, we’re really talking about two things. Yes, our phone systems and the lines they leverage all use the latest technology and are clean and reliable. But our customizer service takes the cake. We provide high-level personal support, not just in initializing sizing you up and installing your communications network, but in supporting you and your team as you go. So if your team does encounter the rare issue making or receiving calls, or need general help using certain services, we are there—real people, providing real-time solutions.

Change and scalability

Traditionally, VoIP service was split between a phone and internet provider. They just point fingers at the other, which solves nothing for your team members struggling with poor service. Rather than chase the problem and sit on calls, rest assured knowing we’re overseeing—and take full responsibility for—all your office communications, and doing it with the latest and greatest in phone tech.

"I appreciate knowing you are there for my small business and my nonprofit whenever I have an issue."

- Ruth S. - R R Smith Strategic Solutions, LLC

"From the very beginning of our talks, the team members of CloudWyze have been extremely helpful and understanding. The better news is while you expect that when considering a change of vendors, afterwards can be a different story. I am pleased to say the service side of CloudWyze is as accommodating and through as the sales side. No regrets here."

- David F. – Rocky Mount Chamber of Commerce

"With the proper planning, any project can be successful. The CloudWyze team ensures the success of the project."

- Matt A. - Polaris Systems

"You are the best!! I call you all the time for help, and your employees always are super patient, understanding, and super helpful! I highly recommend you all!!!"

- Brian C. - Honeycutt Group

"CloudWyze customer service is fantastic! When it is necessary for representatives to come into the office, they are always kind, efficient, and considerate of our space. On a couple of occasions, I have had to seek help from customer support for issues and the rep always remains patient while we get the issue resolved."

- Lindsay W. – Pathfinder Wealth Consulting

"Cloudwyze is always interested in solutions, not the blame game."

- Tommy Taylor, CEO, United Way of the Cape Fear Area

"Cloudwyze just gets it."

- Dan Kent, Founder & President, Kent Homes

"They have never steered us wrong and always bring solutions to our challenges."

- Dr. Yousry Sayed, President & CEO, Quality Chemical Laboratories, Inc.

"Choosing a technology partner can be overwhelming. Cloudwyze took out the guesswork by providing options for my business, versus a one-size-fits all plan."

- Beau Cummings, Executive VP & Sr. Search Consultant,
Paschal • Murray Executive Search
IT Management

Construction Industry Case Study

From builders to contractors to architecture firms, the construction industry’s IT needs aren’t just centrally focused in company headquarters. Team members need to remotely access, share and edit increasingly larger files on jobsites. Despite the small size of some firms, IT solutions must be high-end and cutting-edge: technology must be nimble; security must be adequate to protect both a firm’s intellectual property and its customer information and project details. Because of construction firms’ small size, most go without internal IT personnel, and need the support of an all-encompassing IT Management team available and on-call to serve as an in-house solution.

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Construction Industry Case Study
IT Management

Medical Industry Case Study

The Medical Industry has specific needs for their online technology. Like for most businesses, customer data security is of paramount importance. But medical businesses must also ensure that their IT solutions are compliant with HIPAA. For those that see patients, a strong network is required to reach every patient room for basic tests and info-gathering. Testing areas also require specific bandwidth so they communications may properly flow between multi-million-dollar machines and computers, tablets and telephones. Once a network has been elevated to meet these security standards and the necessary operational efficiency dictated by the specifics of the medical organization, a fully informed IT Management team needs to be at the ready with around-the-clock maintenance, fast fixes and smart scalable solutions.

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Medical Case Study
IT Management

Non-Profit Industry

Non-profits are often the boots on the ground in communities at home and around the world. In an increasingly digital-dependent society, staying connected can be very literally a lifeline for those served by non-profits, even in the most remote areas. With teams leveraged to be efficient, many of these organizations continue to operate with the minimal acceptable equipment, bandwidth, service options and IT staff, also lagging behind in remote access and security. Recent advancements in data analytics means these organizations are importing, and managing increasing amounts of data, and a variety of software apps required to realize and visualize that data.

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Non-Profit Case Study
IT Management

Building Industry

An engineering firm based in Wilmington contacted us at the recommendation of another client of our management services. They had been using an outsourced, single IT consultant, and were experiencing a long list of challenges affecting the productivity of the business. Response time to tickets was slow. Communication was limited, by the nature of their agreement, and simply because their IT support was a one-person show.

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Building Industry Case Study
IT Management


A builder client of ours, has subscribed to many of the recommended security services for both equipment and users. During what seemed to be a routine task, ordering pizza for the office, the business manager created an account using her work email and password to order lunch. Several weeks later, we saw suspicious activity on her email account and investigated. Our result of the review showed information that the establishment she ordered lunch from, site and account had been leaked. Her account information was then listed on the dark web for anyone to use.

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Security Case Study