Professional Services

Professional Services

Business services are small, busy, generalist firms that lean on a wide range of technology to support a wide range of clientele.

A primary target of hackers, small businesses often disregard the risk and don’t take proper measures to prevent hacks that could destroy their business.

With the increasing spread of employee and client base, they have an ever-increasing need for secure remote access, fast up and down speeds, and ever-scaling services and our professional services do just that.

Industry Technology Trends

Small business is a major target for hackers. Preying on the vulnerability and the lack of formality of systems, IT training and best practices, hacking small business is big business for cybercriminals.

Half of small businesses suffered a security breach last in 2020. The average hack costs a business, big or small, $200,000.1 That much can put you out of business. So what are you doing to prevent it from happening to your service? Whether you’re a law firm, graphic design agency, accounting firm, insurance firm, staffing agency, marketing agency, or even a real estate firm or photographer, we are talking about your business. But the good thing is, cutting-edge IT management is not out of reach! We specialize in scalable solutions that also meet the growing and expanding needs of your business as you grow your reach with remote employees and services. Professional Services clients soon find that CloudWyze doesn’t only just derisk their business from cybercrime; we also make it more efficient. And that leads to essential business growth.

Unique Challenges

Business Services are managing a variety of client relationships across multiple media. They have a wide range of needs but not the budget to have an IT department.

Single-person IT support isn’t sophisticated enough for fast response, all-inclusive oversight, or 24-hour access to experts to troubleshoot in fine detail. These companies all need fast, reliable WiFi with an emphasis on increasingly faster upload speeds as remote work becomes the norm; nimble systems that are easy to use; large file support; and high security to protect client data. Small offices also are moving to flexible and remote workspace and need secure remote access for their employees, and in some cases, their clients. And phone systems remain an essential piece of these service-oriented businesses. Then come the increased cybercrimes. Common breaches you have likely heard of include theft of company and/or client data, gift card schemes — where the hacker poses as a manager and tries to get an employee to buy a bunch of gift cards and email them the codes, and wire fraud schemes — where the hacker sends a fake email redirecting a client to pay a company at a bank account the hacker set up. But these are just the beginning. Small businesses are not immune to pricey ransomware attacks, either.

The CloudWyze Solution

IT Management is a must for security, data encryption, employee best practice protocol and regular hardware, firmware and software updates. But protection of your business is only one part of what we do.

Our partnerships with small business allow our clients to quit worrying about IT and communications equipment, service and outages, and focus on their business, which also allows them to thrive and grow. Hiring a dedicated team of experts who understand your business needs mean you’ll be able to do business without worrying about ours. From seamless company-wide upgrades to a single employee email password resets, our team will stay on top of technology advances for your team, wherever they are, to ensure your business is ahead of the curve and your clients served.

Standard Services

In an effort to keep you 100% optimized and operational at all times, we provide a range of services that keep you and your team nimble and efficient. Starting with your internet, we spend time assessing the best-matched down and upload speeds for your team to optimize file transfers. We connect you to the cloud, so that these services are accessible on any computer anytime with the proper login credentials. We prepare overnight backups and deploy multiple layers of security from server to endpoints. We also focus on high-quality, speed-backed phone communications systems and connect your mobile to your office line for easy transition from office to remote and after-work calls. And we take care of securing data during employee transitions out of the business, as well as seamless onboarding and even scaling, so that your business never misses a beat. And when you hit an obstacle, we’re there ASAP, whether it’s onsite or remote. Expect a response within seconds, and a repair time of minimal hours. Backed by industry-leading service level agreements, our team is here to help you.

Services include but are not limited to:
  • Nightly Backups
  • Network & Desktop protection against everyday cyber attacks
  • Remote work accessibility through cloud computing
  • VOIP phone management, design and support
  • Reliable, high-quality internet
  • Disaster recovery ( i.e. Hurricanes, Covid etc)
  • Standard data security regulations ( as needed)
  • Multi-layered security approach
  • Our solutions are catered to meet your business needs.
  • We can help you as much or as little as you need us to do