Your connection is about more than your download speed. CloudWyze offers managed bandwidth, dedicated upload, and service that can adjust up or down with your needs.

Business Phone

From one-on-one calls to 1000-user call centers, our focus on providing the latest VoIP technology over the fastest connection ensures your team is set up for success.

Cloud Services

Data stored with us in the cloud is safe, secure, scalable and easy for your employees to access remotely—unlike data sitting on that old server in your back office.


Our CloudWyze network security team has all eyes on your data at all times. Web, email and server filtering, and remote server protection evade attacks before they get to your end user.

IT Management

Whether in-office or remote, consider our IT management support personnel team as part of your core team. We’re your help desk, your hardware specialists, and your software therapists.

We’d love a seat in your boardroom

From Day One, our mission at CloudWyze has been to provide our customers with the best possible products and services—to remove any limits to your success that outdated or poorly matched technology can place. We are tech entrepreneurs, trusted by our clients to be at the leading edge of digital communication innovation.

When it works well, technology should be an invisible ally, allowing communication and data to flow freely, team members to work unencumbered, and all with the confidence that your data is safe and sound, and that when you need to call on your IT management support team, their response is immediate.

But we find all the time, that this isn’t the case. Our customers come to us with problems. They need to share documents more quickly, they need ease of adding users. Their servers break down. Their data is corrupted. Now, more than ever, they need to quickly transition to remote work. They’d love phone calls that don’t drop or sound like they’re taking place under water. And they’d love support that knows their business, equipment and team.

The solution, though, isn’t just throwing new hardware, “the next biggest package” or increasing download speed. It’s about matching your technology to your business needs, for now and for the future, so that you work a day, week, month without even thinking about your internet servers, or even the Cloud. And when you do, you can call on a member of our CloudWyze team who also feels like a member of your team. A strategic partner.

That’s what we do best. At CloudWyze we provide fast, reliable internet, the latest technology to connect you to it, and the best internet service available for businesses of every size and sector—in our coastal home of Wilmington, through greater New Hanover County, and now, reaching as far as the rural corners of the state, each community a step closer to bringing everyone in North Carolina equal access to the internet.

“CloudWyze is not just a vendor pushing services.They solved my problems with creative technology solutions.”

Dallas Romanowski


Equal Access is our Mission

Reliable communication has never been more important than right now.

Don’t you want to stream without buffering? Why can’t each of your kids watch something else during their free tablet time? And it would be awesome to talk to your sister from a spot other than that end of your driveway where you actually have a signal?

The struggle for rural communities to attain equal access to broadband has gone on for way too long—way before the COVID epidemic shined a spotlight on the inequality. And we’ve been working on it. Counties could never afford the significant cost required to fully connect all of its residents like those in major cities. But in 2018, we brought a fresh approach leveraging new technologies to Nash and Halifax. With the counties’ support, we’ve been able to deliver fast, reliable access to the web at reasonable prices for both commercial and residential customers that solves all your problems. And in our tenth year we’re finally setting up shop on your Main Street to support you both on and offline.

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