Dedicated Bandwidth

When you buy Internet from CloudWyze, you’re not getting just our best effort – it’s guaranteed. We give you your own, dedicated “express lane” to the Internet, and that comes with the industry’s best Service Level Agreements (SLA) – meaning your Internet is both fast enough, and reliable, with an industry leading up-time. Guaranteed.

Quickly Scalable

Things change. A business may need simply reliable Internet for 4 or 5 employees, VoIP phones, and basic email; they’re generally happy with a 3x3Mbps connection. But when the big account is landed, you expand to 20 employees, use Cloud Services and have regular video uploads, that’s just not a big enough pipe. When you expand, you’ll want a company that makes it easy to grow – or shrink, as necessary. With CloudWyze, it’s like turning up (or down) the volume. Simple.

High Quality

Using VoIP phones? Ever get that garble? That’s called jitter. Bad experience with hosted desktops, virtual machines, and Citrix? More than likely the root cause was latency from your internet provider. It’s time the providers stop focusing their marketing efforts on speed and start putting time into quality. At CloudWyze, we’re are hyper-focused on the experience and commitment to providing only the best whether you have had a bad experience or making a decision of services or providers, give us a call.

Improved Connectivity

The days of having dedicated connections between sites are over. With current technologies, sites can be connected together in a matter of moments vs. the months it used to take by your provider. Let CloudWyze develop a connectivity plan that is designed around how YOU want to do business. Anywhere, anyplace, anytime.

What is Your Time Worth?

Depending on the size and nature of your business, downtime can cost businesses hundreds of dollars per minute. The cost of downtime can be quite significant when factoring in all the variables. When you add the percentage of lost productivity multiplied by the wages of affected employees, the IT expenses incurred to get connected again, and the lost revenue production of goods or performance of services, the potential cost of downtime can be quite significant. Contact us today to learn how inexpensive it can be to protect your business from downtime.