About CloudWyze

North Carolina’s premier internet and managed IT service provider

Our Vision

To provide optimized internet access and service, utilizing the best technology available, to ensure every resident and business across North Carolina is given equal opportunity to perform at their highest potential.

Our Mission

To empower communities and nurture strong relationships through the ultimate technology and service experience, by staying ahead of the curve driven by our strong team of experts, continuous experimentation, and vertical integration.
  • Why we do what we do: Because we believe in empowering communities
  • How we do it: By Building Strong Relationships
  • What we do: We develop and manage technology solutions which empower the organizations we serve allowing them to thrive.

Who We Are

A homegrown North Carolina company at the leading edge of technology expertise, CloudWyze provides a full suite of strategic, managed IT solutions and best-in-class customer service to public and private sector businesses and private residents by leveraging turnkey, cutting-edge technology, innovative expertise, and our commitment to our community.

Our approach is empathetic, entrepreneurial, and authentic. When paired with the reliability of our technology and our people, we foster strong and collaborative relationships, building the trust and technological proficiency of our customers.

Whether we’re sitting alongside a large public sector client in their boardroom or across the living room from our at-home customer, we’re focused on assisting that specific customer alone.

Who we are

Our History

In 2012, Wilmington-based IT leaders formed a company aimed at ensuring hometown businesses had the same connectivity and opportunities for success that businesses in larger cities enjoyed. But it didn’t begin there.

In 2002, IT startup veteran and Wilmington local, Shaun Olsen, and his partner ventured out on their own with their first managed IT services company. The startup provided secure access and premium customer service. In 2004, they expanded their offering with the acquisition of an AV commercial cabling company. They continued their vertical integration again in 2006 by adding a data and voice division of the business.


Founded in Wilmington at a time when the city experienced major internet service gaps.


Cloudwyze becomes a leader in providing cloud computing solutions to local businesses.


Cloudwyze grew to become the #1 MSP and Specialty ISP in the city of Wilmington


Cloudwyze spreads its footprint across North Carolina for rural, “Internetification.”

2020 –

Cloudwyze goes live with Nash and Harnett, NC county networks, and aggressively pursues additional growth.

An IT revolution

An IT Revolution

The years that followed the recession proved pivotal for internet technology. Only no one invited Wilmington to the party, leaving the port city deprived of the modern and dedicated internet service that larger cities were privy to.

So, Olsen and his team brought technology to the city themselves by leveraging a growing client roster to gain investments. They took ownership of the circuits. They built towers and dug wells. Joined by a third partner, the managed service business merged with a newly created internet service business. Through that merger, the cloud-based communications and technology company that we are today was born. The CloudWyze name emphasized its position at the bleeding edge.

Since its inception, the CloudWyze team has enjoyed continued nurturance of close relationships and trust with their clients, aiding Wilmington businesses of all industries and sizes through their strategic, solutions-based approach. It’s those relationships that led to opportunities beyond their hometown borders.

In 2013, the North Carolina Department of Commerce tapped CloudWyze to replicate their business model for rural North Carolina. Serendipitously, brand new, fixed LTE technology became available. Suited to provide strong and continuous signals to remote locations, it leveraged point-to-point signal transfer without wires or fiber. In 2018, the state contracted CloudWyze to empower Nash County schools, businesses, and residents through its services

Devising Equalizing Solutions

In 2020, the COVID-19 crisis exposed the geographic and socioeconomic inequities of internet access. CloudWyze hopes this enlightenment will bring resolution through investments by the public and private sectors. As they continue their mission, the CloudWyze team is eager to speed up the equalization of information access and the ensuing opportunities for all citizens and businesses across North Carolina.

At Work, at home, at play.