Managed IT Services

Big Technology For Small Business

Our local team of technology experts get to know your business so well that we actually become an extension of your team.

Tailored Solutions


We will customize your IT solutions for your industry and unique business requirements.

Extended Team


We will get to know your business so well that we truly become an on-demand extension to your team.

Local Experts


You’ll have ready-access to a local team of highly qualified IT professionals informed by years of experience.

Clear Pricing


That’s right no more surprising and inflated costs – our services are clear and packaged for your exact needs.

Your Outsourced IT Services Provider

As a business owner with a packed schedule, your time is extremely valuable. Technology management can be time consuming and frustrating if IT is not your expertise, so why manage it yourself? With CloudWyze, you gain access to a team of knowledgeable experts who care about your business.

Business Internet

At CloudWyze, we understand the unique internet needs of North Carolina businesses. Get connected to your world with on-demand access to expert support you can count on.

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Business Phone

Untether from your landline with business phone service from CloudWyze. Our flexible VoIP service is easy to scale as your business grows. Plus, your calls are clear and crisp because of our robust internet technology.

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Cloud Services

Move your operations to the cloud with CloudWyze. Our cloud services allow you and your team to forget about local backups and deleting files as you near capacity. Plus, you’ll save time and boost efficiency.

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IT Management

Build your IT team without hiring a single person. CloudWyze makes it their business to keep your business technology front of mind. Our team keeps your hardware and software aligned while protecting your valuable data.

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Network Security

Arm your business against cybersecurity threats with CloudWyze. Our network security team keeps close tabs on your data around the clock. Web, email and server filtering, and remote server protection evade attacks before they impact your customers.

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We Deliver Results

CloudWyze brings together the best people, the most intuitive technology, and a personal approach to solving technology challenges for residents and organizations across rural North Carolina. Simply put, we deliver the results you’d expect from a big company with the service and attention you’d get from your next door neighbor.

Our Team
Frequently Asked Questions

What does a managed service provider do for businesses?

An MSP like CloudWyze remotely manages an organization’s information technology (IT) infrastructure and end-user systems. This includes services like software management, network management, security and monitoring. We empower business owners to focus on their businesses without the worry of extended downtimes or service interruptions.

I’m an IT professional for a local business. Why do I need to partner with an MSP?

Technology management can quickly become more than one individual can handle. The CloudWyze team partners with you, becoming an extension of your team. We lift the load by taking a proactive approach, so you can focus on important business goals and planning.

Why should I choose a local managed service provider over a national provider?

The difference is clear: Local MSPs understand the unique needs of businesses in their area. The technology experts at CloudWyze have deep North Carolina roots and are passionate about providing high-quality solutions. Plus, they provide on-demand support on your clock. National providers simply cannot offer the customized support and proactive service you get from a local provider.

What are your support hours?

Our technology experts are available 24/7. We’re ready when you need us.

All the business services you need

Business Internet

Business Internet

Your connection is about more than your download speed. CloudWyze offers managed bandwidth, dedicated upload, and service that can adjust up or down with your needs.

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 Business Phone Service

Business Phone

From one-on-one calls to 1000-user call centers, our focus on providing the latest VoIP technology over the fastest connection ensures your team is set up for success.

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Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Data stored with us in the cloud is safe, secure, scalable and easy for your employees to access remotely—unlike data sitting on that old server in your back office.

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Network Security

Network Security

Our CloudWyze network security team has all eyes on your data at all times. Web, email and server filtering, and remote server protection evade attacks before they get to your end user.

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IT Management

IT Management

Whether in-office or remote, consider our IT management support personnel team as part of your core team. We’re your help desk, your hardware specialists, and your software therapists.

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