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Fast. Reliable. Local.

Whether you’re streaming videos, playing games, or working from home, you can always count on CloudWyze to keep you connected.

Faster Speeds

Faster Speeds

Get all the bandwidth you need to game, surf or stream on as many devices as you want.

Always Reliable

Always Reliable

You’re connected no matter what. That’s right: No more lagging during that Netflix movie or downtime during a storm.

Local Service

Local Service

Our local and friendly support team is available 24/7, troubleshooting your issues with a smile.

Home Internet Packages

Experience the speed and reliability that you need to learn, work and play.

Best Value


For multiple devices

  • Check email & social media
  • Upload & download medium files
  • Stream SD video seamlessly
  • Online gaming

Best Value


More speed, more devices

  • Check email & social media
  • Upload & download large files
  • Stream HD video seamlessly
  • Online gaming
  • Smart devices & voice assistants
  • Work & school from home

Fastest speeds, simultaneous use

  • Check email & social media
  • Upload & download huge files
  • Stream HD video seamlessly
  • Pro Online gaming & VR
  • Smart homes
  • Work & school from home

*Package descriptions noted above are for fiber services. Fixed wireless services and packages are also available in some areas. Please check availability to see what services and packages are available near you.

“Every time we have called when experiencing trouble, CloudWyze has been there to help. If it was over the phone or sending someone out they have always been there. I would recommend them to everyone. Especially with the customer service they have, if they can’t figure it out they send you over to someone who can, very pleased to have been on the trial so that I could experience it first-hand!”
Jessica T.
Residential Customer
“Fantastic so far. Respectful workers. Immediate increase in speed made my wife very happy. Passing the word along to friends and neighbors.”
William H.
Residential Customer
“I am happy to finally have fixed internet in my area. Has been quite a battle for internet here.”
Cherie B.
Business Customer

You’re In Good Hands

CloudWyze brings together the best people, the most intuitive technology, and a personal approach to solving technology challenges for residents and organizations across rural North Carolina. Simply put, we deliver the results you’d expect from a big company with the service and attention you’d get from your next door neighbor.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of home internet connection should I choose?

The type of home internet connection you choose depends on your unique needs. Bandwidth requirements and internet speed often depend on the number of devices you plan to connect to your home network and your intended internet usage.

If you want enough speed to download large files, stream videos or make video calls, those activities require a great need for high-speed internet than if you’re using your connection to check e-mails.

The internet service available to you depends on where you live. You can check availability at your address.

Where available, you can get high-speed internet from CloudWyze for as low as $51.99/mo (plus installation fee) with no annual contract and equipment fees included. Qualified customers can also save up to $50/month or even get free internet service with the Emergency Broadband Benefit program.

How do I find out if CloudWyze is available in my area?

You can check which CloudWyze home internet services are available in your area.

Why should I choose a local internet service provider over a national provider?

The difference is clear: Local ISPs understand the unique needs of their neighbors. The technology experts at CloudWyze have deep North Carolina roots and are passionate about providing high-quality internet to nearby communities. Plus, they provide on-demand customer support on your clock. National providers simply cannot offer the customized support and proactive service you get from a local provider.

What are your support hours?

Our technology experts are available 24/7. We’re ready when you need us.