A North Carolina residential internet provider serving North Carolinians

In our business, bigger definitely doesn’t mean better, faster or more reliable residential internet. In fact, larger internet and digital technology companies are often prevented from reaching the furthest corners of towns and cities because they can’t justify the costs of reaching you with their wires and fiber. That’s where CloudWyze is different. In fact, it’s in remote locations where our technology works the best.

We offer a range of needs and speeds to reflect your lifestyle, not your distance from the city. In seeking to provide the best and most nimble residential internet, we developed our point-to-point wireless internet solution to affordably send signals without wires. So, it only makes sense that in the counties we serve, the spread-out nature of these rural areas provides unobstructed signal travel, enabling this cutting-edge technology to reach the furthest reaches with as much gusto as the center of town. Forget having to drive to the corner of your block to make a call or waiting until the rest of your neighbors have gone to sleep to stream your favorite show. CloudWyze is now bringing you the residential internet you deserve so you can connect securely and with confidence. This is our mission.

Why Cloudwyze

Quick and Easy Installations

If you’re within CloudWyze service area with a clear line of sight, your service can be up and running within days of making the first phone call to us. In most cases, all that’s required is the installation of a receiving device that connects to one of the access towers, a router and a wired connection.

It’s Reliable

With a satellite internet, you’re at the mercy of the weather. With cable internet, severed cords can cause outages that could last for substantial periods of time. With CloudWyze, your connection is relatively safe from interference, even in poor weather conditions.

It’s Fast

Because the connection is local, you won’t experience latency issues as with satellite, and your connection will generally be faster than DSL.

It’s Flexible

The internet that you need can change. With family members working or schooling remotely sometimes, you may need to adjust your bandwith up or down. With CloudWyze, your connection can be adjusted fairly easily, keeping things flexible so you can do what’s best for you.

Straight-Forward Pricing

CloudWyze offers unbundled pricing, meaning you only pay for the internet that you need – not all of the features you don’t really want or use. Additionally, there are no data limits, meaning you can do what you need to do when it comes to the web without having to worry about added fees or keep track of how much data you’re using.

"Every time we have called when experiencing trouble, CloudWyze has been there to help. If it was over the phone or sending someone out they have always been there. I would recommend them to everyone. Especially with the customer service they have, if they can’t figure it out they send you over to someone who can, very pleased to have been on the trial so that I could experience it first-hand!"

- Jessica T.

"Fantastic so far. Respectful workers. Immediate increase in speed made my wife very happy. Passing the word along to friends and neighbors."

- William H.

"The installers were polite, courteous and neat. Very helpful with activation."

- Bob U.

"I am happy to finally have fixed internet in my area. Has been quite a battle for internet here."

- Cherie B.

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