Be Wilmington

CloudWyze recently attended the CED Tech Venture Conference in Raleigh, one of North Carolina’s most important conferences for entrepreneurism. Hundreds of investors from across the country packed conference rooms and exhibit areas to see more than 70 companies present their work. Wilmington was well represented, with  five companies on hand to represent us including National Speed on stage.

Attendees told us repeatedly that they hear great things about what’s happening in Wilmington. We’ve graduated from being just the place that people want to go for vacation to a place where business is being taken very seriously. That position is hard-earned, and one that we, as a business community, must continue to support if the nascent status of our rising is to mature and take a serious foothold.

How can your business demonstrate that  you  and your company  support Wilmington’s growth and success, that you want it to be a place where business thrives and jobs are abundant for those who want them?  How do you help Wilmington be all it can be?

Get involved.

Sitting back and reading the news isn’t enough. Making Wilmington be the best Wilmington takes commitment and the old “get er done” attitude. Here are a number of really exciting things happening to the business ecosystem in which we live, the success of which your business can positively impact:

InnovateNC:   It was announced in September that a group of local government, business and non-profit organizations came together to apply for a grant worth $250,000 in services – we won! InnovateNC’s objective is to help regions like ours compete by maturing a business cluster that can impact our area  much like Research Triangle Park did for Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill. Our region will build on to the efforts already underway in the Marine and Biotechnology sectors.

What’s in it for you? Imagine what an RTP-like cluster would mean. More businesses calling Wilmington home, more workers supporting your business. More amenities coming our way…
The success of InnovateNC will be, in part, up to the organizations that brought it here, but in a bigger way, its success will be a reflection of the support our businesses give it.

What should you do?  For now, awareness and public support is what’s most needed. But soon you’ll be hearing about specific initiatives underway. When you do, say good things. Reach out, get involved, and throw your support behind this endeavor. Maybe even attend the October BioMarine Business Convention!

Cucalorus Connect:  If you’ve been here for more than a year, you know about Cucalorus. This film festival has received international accolades and draws a growing attendance every year. Now in it’s 21st season, Cucalous has partnered with the entrepreneurial community in our region  to produce Cucalorus Connect, brought to life thanks to UNCW’s Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE) as presenting sponsor, and with the help of Castle Branch/TekMountain, the Chamber, the City, CloudWyze and Elite Innovations among others. That means that from November 11 – 15 there will be a lot of people coming to see what’s going on in Wilmington.

                What’s in it for you? Well, what can your business do with hundreds of people from across the state, country and world, visiting to see what kind of leadership we have here? If you have retail or hospitality businesses, you’re sure to benefit. If you have a service business – maybe real estate, even – there are so many ways that you might benefit from people seeing we have a going concern.

                What should you do?  Start with buying a ticket. Cucalorus Connect is a 5 day conference, with speakers that will inspire you and gatherings that will give you a chance to meet them all. Individual tickets are available, but a full conference pass – which includes 5 Cucalorus movies – is only $150! If you really like the idea, sponsor it! Or at very least, share the information with your friends.

This city is becoming a real hot bed of activity. What that means for business here can only be good. We’re certain that the vivid support of our entire business community will bring more activity like this, and subsequently more opportunity for all. We’re proud to call Wilmington home.