Is your Business Cyber Healthy?

Health is wealth. Never so true is that statement than when it’s applied to your business!

With the reliance you have on the Internet for everyday communication and commerce, you are always somewhat at risk for cyber attacks. There are many tools available to monitor the flow of data between your PC and the web, but the most important think you can do is develop great cyber habits.

To help with the burgeoning cyber on-security, the non-profit Center for Internet Security, INC. (CIS) focuses on enhancing cyber security readiness and the response of public and private sector entities. They’ve undertaken a new effort that we at CloudWyze think is dynamite – and we encourage you to take the Cyber Pledge & Get Cyber Healthy.

The goal of this collective effort is to promote good cyber habits that will help protect you on the Internet and stop the epidemic of cyber attacks. Their goal is to get one million individuals to take this pledge.



  • To know what devices I have
  • To know where they are
  • To know who can access them


  • To enable security features on my devices that will help protect me
  • To use anti-virus/anti-malware software on all computer systems


  • To keep my passwords private
  • To limit the amount of personal information I share online
  • To be cautions about opening any unsolicited emails or texts I receive


  • To regularly update all apps, software and operating systems


  • To set up a schedule to continuously improve my cuber security hygiene

Join the team at CloudWyze and get secure. And pledge your support for a safer Internet!

Take the Cyber Pledge & Get Cyber Healthy!