CloudWyze to Expand, Bringing Internet, Technologies to Underserved NC Markets

North Carolina’s Secondary, Tertiary Markets Targeted for Business, Residential Service

Wilmington, NC, September 10, 2016 – CloudWyze, Wilmington’s leading technology and communications firm, has unveiled a new corporate growth strategy designed to bring smaller cities greater access to reliable Internet, phone, technology and cloud services. The company is currently reviewing sites in North Carolina, and expects to announce the three regions selected by January, 2016.

“The Internet has become a utility as critical as electricity, yet there are many regions that remain underserved,” said Shaun Olsen, Founder and CEO of CloudWyze. “CloudWyze has leveled the playing field for Wilmington’s businesses and now we will do the same for other North Carolina regions. Our fixed wireless/fiber network can be built out quickly, with highly competitive dedicated Internet pricing. Few other organizations offer the breadth of technology expertise we pair with outstanding Internet service… and it’s only getting better.”

Many regions’ efforts are thwarted by lack of access to reliable, high-speed Internet. CloudWyze will lead with Internet offerings; however all of the company’s technology services will be offered – and supported – locally, lowering the cost of bringing the infrastructure required to provide Internet.

The Company has been contacted by several communities and is interested in hearing from additional regions struggling with access to reliable Internet. Review of identified opportunities and economic impact will be undertaken September through November.  CloudWyze has been approached by investors and banks to assure appropriate capitalization for this expansion.

“There is a time-sensitive nature to this expansion,” said Ann Revell-Pechar, CloudWyze vice president of communications. “CloudWyze, committed to North Carolina’s business growth, recognizes that ‘last mile’ access for consumers is critical, too. As our State moves to give students technology instead of textbooks, kids need reliable Internet access. They shouldn’t have to study at fast-food restaurants to get WiFi. No excuses; neither ‘my dog ate my homework’ nor ‘the Internet was down’ will fly when CloudWyze comes to town.”

Those interested in speaking with CloudWyze about our expansion into their region can contact Revell-Pechar at 910-202-3344 or Ann.Revell@CloudWyze.com.

About CloudWyze

CloudWyze, headquartered in Wilmington, NC, delivers the Ultimate Business Technology Experience. Through its consultative approach, the company offers comprehensive communications and technology services, cloud-based solutions, 24×7 support, phone and dedicated Internet, assuring business owners complete confidence in their technology.