CloudWyze WISP Brings Reliability, Speed to Cape Fear Businesses

CloudWyze, Inc., Wilmington’s communications and technology services company, today announced that they will begin offering a new wireless Internet Service to businesses in Wilmington and the Cape Fear region beginning in January, 2015. CloudWyze Internet is dedicated high speed Internet service that will eventually be available throughout the Cape Fear, enabling expansion of businesses here that require fast, stable Internet access.

“All businesses need reliable Internet access to compete, and those in the Cloud absolutely require it,” said Shaun Olsen, Founder and CEO of CloudWyze. “Some businesses, especially those that require knowledge workers to have fast, secure access to data and content, cannot survive without dedicated access. The new CloudWyze Internet means that businesses in smaller cities like Wilmington will have the elevated reliability that cable and phone companies have lavished on large cities, building the same confidence you have in your Internet that you have when you turn on a water faucet.”

CloudWyze Internet uses a fixed wireless system to deliver broadband to businesses, without the need to dig and lay new cables. This approach connect two fixed locations, whether that is from building to building or tower to tower, with a wireless link that sends Internet signals from one point to many other points. The signal is then sent directly to the subscriber business.

There are really three primary reasons that the CloudWyze WISP will be a better solution for many businesses than what is currently available:

  • More Reliable: There are many parts of the Cape Fear region that are not well served by cable and phone-based Internet companies. CloudWyze WISP offers companies of all sizes a dedicated “HOV” lane to the internet, assuring consistently fast access even during peak traffic times. And because it is wireless, no lines can be ‘cut’ when construction begins down the road.
  • Faster Install: Given that our service is delivered wirelessly, CloudWyze WISP can be ‘turned on’ in hours instead of months. Where equally reliable, dedicated Internet is installed from cable or phone companies they must dig trenches and run fiber optic or copper cable to your building, which can take 60 – 90 days—or more.
  • Less Expensive: Dedicated Internet from cable or phone providers can be very expensive and a challenge to manage. When you move your business to the Cloud, you should be sure that your Internet access is always available to connect you to your company’s data. Other options that offer this “Service Level Agreement” (as opposed to best effort) can cost 2-3 times as much asthe CloudWyze service.
  • Security: CloudWyze Internet technology is the most secure last mile Internet access available. Point-to-point connections utilizing microwave transmission are regularly used by telecommunication engineers in the US Military on the battlefields. This is the same proprietary and encrypted connection that CloudWyze Internet covers Wilmington with allowing our customers to access their data on the web with confidence.


CloudWyze intends to establish fixed wireless capabilities throughout the entire Cape Fear region where there is a density of businesses. Right now, certain business-dense areas are being serviced from smaller towers on the roof of tall buildings. The establishment of this new network will provide a much largerservice area by investing in carrier-grade equipment and strategically positioning transmitters throughout the city.

The new towers upon which CloudWyze has installed its point-to-point and point-to-many systems initially cover the eastern section of the city’s business districts. This includes businesses as far south as around the Mayfair, Landfall, and Lumina Station areas and as far north as the Northchase business park near Laney High School. This service will go live in January of 2015.Other regions will be offered over the course of the next two years. Speak with CloudWyze for more information on current availability.