Empowering Communities: A Spotlight on CloudWyze Internet Customer Bill Lumpp and Pink Flamingo Realty


In the heart of Nashville, NC, one of our first service areas, there is a success story worth celebrating. Meet Bill Lumpp, a dynamic individual who wears many hats – a successful third-generation real estate entrepreneur, a dedicated family man, and a recently elected member of the Nashville Town Council.  At the core of his thriving business, Pink Flamingo Realty, lies a crucial element in its day-to-day success – CloudWyze Fiber Internet.

Bill Lumpp’s journey with CloudWyze began with a simple encounter on Facebook. Intrigued by the promise of superior local service and faster internet options, he decided to make the switch to CloudWyze for both his home and business. When asking Lumpp why he chose CloudWyze as his internet provider, he shared “After research, I determined that it was the best product in the area for internet. I was with another provider that was giving me poor service.” Today, he stands by his decision, declaring, “CloudWyze has been a great choice for my business and home. The customer service, billing, and product are superior to anything else in the area.”

As the owner of Pink Flamingo Realty, Lumpp and his team work diligently to provide top-notch real estate services for those looking to buy or sell in the Nash County area. Their commitment to clients extends from the initial consultation to the final closing, ensuring a seamless and satisfying experience. When asked about the unique name, Pink Flamingo Realty, Lumpp shares the charming story behind it, saying, “When starting the business, I wanted a name that stood out and was unique. Because I liked the color combination of black, pink, and white, that helped also. The final decision was because my wife loves Pink Flamingos”. You know what they say – happy wife, happy life!

Beyond being a reliable internet service provider, CloudWyze is deeply rooted in community engagement and empowerment. Our company’s mission is clear – to empower communities through technology by providing innovative solutions and building strong relationships. The success of businesses like Pink Flamingo Realty is a testament to the positive impact CloudWyze is making on North Carolina’s digital landscape in rural communities.

CloudWyze is more than just an internet service; we’re a partner in success, a catalyst for growth, and a supporter of local businesses. As we continue to connect communities and foster digital empowerment, CloudWyze remains dedicated to creating a thriving and interconnected North Carolina. Bill Lumpp’s endorsement of CloudWyze echoes the sentiments of many satisfied customers who have experienced the unparalleled service and support offered by the company. For those looking for a reliable and community-focused internet service provider, CloudWyze stands out as the clear choice. Join our growing community of satisfied internet customers, and let’s build a future where technology bridges gaps and empowers communities to reach new heights.