Empowering Communities: A Spotlight on CloudWyze Internet Customer Sean Bass and his Impact in Harnett County

If you live near Dunn or Erwin in North Carolina, chances are you’ve heard of Sean Bass. Not only is he the founder and preacher at Redemption Hill Church in Erwin, but he and his wife recently opened the Birds Nest Listening Room in the heart of downtown Dunn. Bass’ dedication to his community and family is evident and is why CloudWyze is proud to be their local internet provider. Their ongoing partnership with CloudWyze Internet has transformed their operations and become an integral part of their success.

Bass’ introduction to CloudWyze Fiber Internet was a game-changer for Redemption Hill Church and will soon be for Birds Nest Listening Room. Dissatisfied with their previous internet provider because of frustrating periods of service outages, Sean and his team were seeking a more reliable solution. It was CloudWyze’s Harnett County representative, Brandon Gaines, who brought our revolutionary Fiber Internet to their attention.

Seamless Connectivity Transforms Day-to-Day Operations

The switch to CloudWyze Fiber Internet has significantly improved day-to-day efficiency at Redemption Hill Church. No longer plagued by prolonged internet outages, Sean Bass remarks, “We no longer are forced to leave to do work due to internet outages. We can also stream our services on a more stable network.”

This newfound stability has allowed Redemption Hill Church to reach more people and continue fostering an authentic community where people can connect and experience a shared Christian faith. Sean emphasizes, “Redemption Hill Church is a place where all people can feel welcomed to explore and grow in their faith.”

From Church to Community Hub: Birds Nest Listening Room

Bass’ passion for live music led him and his wife to open Birds Nest Listening Room in February of 2023. Nestled in downtown Dunn, this unique venue hosts a variety of musical genres, including acoustic, rock, country, and Christian music. It’s not just a music venue; it’s a space where friends and family can gather, enjoy live performances, and share a drink.

Reflecting on the inspiration behind Birds Nest, Bass recalls, “My wife and I have always loved live music. That was what really drew us together many years ago!” The idea took root during the COVID-19 pandemic when they began hosting small house concerts. What started as a temporary solution evolved into Birds Nest Listening Room, offering a fresh and innovative entertainment option in Harnett County.

Balancing Church, Business, and Family

Running a church and a business simultaneously can be challenging, but Sean and his wife have found a rhythm that works for them. With one adult son actively involved in the church and supporting the vision of Birds Nest, the Bass family has learned to be intentional about their time management. Sean shares, “We definitely have to be more conscious of our planning and getting things on our calendar that we want to make a priority. We love it all and are absolutely loving the lives we get to live!”

CloudWyze: More Than an Internet Provider

CloudWyze is more than just an internet provider for folks like Sean Bass; we’re a community-driven organization committed to the success and empowerment of the areas we serve. Our mission is clear: to empower communities through technology by providing innovative solutions and building strong relationships. Sean Bass’s story exemplifies the transformative power of technology when paired with a community-focused approach.