Living United in the Cape Fear Region

Cloudwyze partnership with local United Way Cape Fear region volunteers helping senior citizen

At CloudWyze, we are committed to helping the non profit organizations in our region. For this reason, we believe that the non profits in Wilmington area deserve a spotlight. We will be talking about these organizations on and off over the next year, and highlighting those that make ILM a better place to live.

Volunteering can make you feel good – great actually. Knowing that you’re helping better yourself by bettering the lives of others is actually very empowering.

Most non-profits have just one platform that they feel needs to be expounded upon – whether it’s ending world hunger, providing medical help to those who are less fortunate, or providing children with the chance to get an education. United Way has a different approach to this way of doing things. United Way focuses on societal impact areas, including health, financial stability, and education. United Way’s mission is to mobilize resources and help everyone in the community become self sufficient. Cape Fear’s United Way helps to empower people to turn their lives around, as well as putting them in the position to be able to give back to others.

Tommy Taylor, Executive Vice President with the United Way of the Cape Fear area, recently gave us somet valuable insight into what United Way is really all about. Tommy became involved with United Way through the Food Bank of Central Eastern North Carolina, when he started working with the food bank as a temp in 2002. He became passionate about the work that he was doing and embarked on many hunger studies, and “worked hard to triple the amount of food the food bank received, and it still wasn’t enough to feed the community.” Around this time, he discovered United Way and felt that he could be more “proactive instead of reactive” with this non-profit organization.

“United Way is uniquely positioned to take a neutral stance on the community and what programs should be addressed. United Way is able to take a step back and look at the community as a whole and determine what would be the best solution.” Tommy strives daily to achieve his goal of collaboration among all non-profits, believing that if everyone could work together, the community would be enriched.

United Way has provided him with the opportunity to discover creative solutions and test our innovation as a community. This has “always been a challenge – but I like that challenge.” As a community, we “have the potential to really put a dent in some of the generational trends that have had an impact in the community.” We at CloudWyze believe this too. And we fully support United Way of the Cape Fear Region in their efforts.

For more information on how to get involved with the United Way of the Cape Fear region, visit https://www.uwcfa.org/.