New Locations Get Connected to High-Speed Internet Service from CloudWyze 

High-Speed Internet from CloudWyze Rural Internet North Carolina Wilmingto

At CloudWyze, we continue to make inroads on our mission of empowering communities through technology.

In a recent press release, we announced our plans to provide additional underserved areas with high-speed internet and fiber deployment. Our latest plans are to provide high-speed internet to residents in portions of Harnett County, including fiber deployment in Camp Agape and the Oakridge area.  

What is the status? 

We are in the process of deploying the first phase of Harnett County’s fixed wireless network. We anticipate service will go live this month, and customer installations will quickly follow suit. The partnership between CloudWyze and Camp Agape is a great example of how our organization seeks opportunities to empower underserved communities through technology. 

“For Agape Kure Beach Ministries, it is a joy for us to work with Cloudwyze to bring high-speed internet access to our community in Harnett County,” said Chandler Carriker, Executive Director for Agape Kure Beach Ministries. “At our camps and retreats, we have a mission to empower people with the resources they need to make a difference in the world, and this partnership is a continuation of that.” 

What is coming next? 

CloudWyze is proud to continue its expansion of high-speed internet service throughout North Carolina. Currently, we’re working on connectivity in Martin County. Plus, we will continue to expand into Nash County with high-speed service coming to Nashville. 

Stay tuned: we will launch other locations this year! Follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram to keep up with the latest launch locations and service updates. 

We love what we do. Providing high-speed internet to North Carolina wouldn’t be possible without our dedicated team and close partnerships with community and state leaders.

High-Speed Internet from CloudWyze for all North Carolinians.  

CloudWyze continues to identify new locations across NC in need of internet service that’s reliable, fast and affordable. We are passionate about connecting underserved areas. Ultimately, equitable access creates greater opportunities and growth for all North Carolina communities. Learn more about this story by reading the full press release here.

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