Southern Nash Senior Center: Aging in Style

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When it comes to aging in style, Nash County knows best and we’re here to tell you why. This area of North Carolina is known for its rural atmosphere and tight-knit communities, and the town of Bailey is no exception. Located just 35 miles east of Raleigh, Bailey, NC provides a quintessential small-town lifestyle.

If you grew up in a town like this, you understand just how special this experience is and the benefits it provides. One such benefit includes access to an abundance of government-funded programs fueled by devoted members of the community. A shining example of this is the Southern Nash Senior Center (SNSC) in Bailey. We had the pleasure of speaking with SNSC Supervisor, Kelee Harding, and learning all about this amazing place.

southern nash senior center learning about internet cloudwyze



Nash County currently offers its residents two exceptional senior centers, one located in Bailey and the other in Nashville. However, it took over 18 years of hard work to get here.

It all started when Stacie Shatzer, current County Manager, became the first Aging Coordinator for Nash County and opened the first Nash Senior Center in June 2001. As word of the Senior Center spread, so did the need for expanded services.

In 2009, the Nash County Aging Department (now Nash County Senior Services) expanded its operation in southern Nash County and began providing programs to senior adults at the Mount Pleasant Community Building. Meanwhile, the growing participation of the senior community in Nash led to a need for an even larger and more functional space.

In 2016, Nash County Senior Services partnered with the Free Will Baptist Children’s Home in Middlesex, which granted access to their gymnasium for the senior center’s programs and community activities. Soon after, it became obvious that a dedicated space was needed to address the concerns of countless citizens for more space and enhanced services. So, Nash County Senior Services broke ground on the Southern Nash Senior Center (SNSC) in 2018 and proudly opened its doors in March 2019.

southern nash senior center learning about internet cloudwyze

The Southern Nash Senior Center Today

If you live in Nash County and haven’t visited the SNSC in Bailey, we recommend that you do. Memberships are completely free and offered to residents 60 years of age or older, spouses of someone 60 or older, or a caregiver for someone 60 or older. The center offers many services and activities, including crafting workshops, exercise classes, and more.

In fact, we were honored to lead a Computer Basics course with Kramden Institute where participants took home a free laptop. Other than classes and workshops, this impressive multi-purpose facility offers a cozy lounge with a coffee bar, a spacious multi-purpose room, a kitchen, a gym, and a game room with pool tables.

In addition to its programming, Harding shared that the SNSC offers family caregiver support, Project Lifesaver, medical and general transportation services, home-delivered meals, frozen meals, and SHIIP.

southern nash senior center learning about internet cloudwyze


Get Involved

If you aren’t a senior citizen, there are still ways you can get involved. As the SNSC continues to expand its programming, Harding encourages individuals and local businesses to consider leading a program or workshop for members around their skill set. You can also support the SNSC on Facebook by interacting with them or sharing posts to spread awareness. Since the SNSC and its services are primarily funded through grants, they are unable to accept monetary donations.

southern nash senior center learning about internet cloudwyze


CloudWyze Helps Seniors Navigate a Digital Era

CloudWyze is a proud internet provider to the SNSC and other facilities throughout Nash County. We take pride in getting involved in the communities we serve because we understand that bridging the digital divide is more than simply providing internet services.

In today’s digital age, access to the internet for seniors has become increasingly important for staying connected, accessing information, and participating in various aspects of daily life. Unfortunately, many older adults face barriers when it comes to adopting and utilizing technology. That is why we partner with Kramden Institute to bring the Computer Basics course to Nash communities.

As an internet provider, our commitment goes beyond just delivering reliable and high-speed internet services. We strive to empower seniors to navigate the digital world with confidence through personalized support. . Our team of knowledgeable technicians is available to assist seniors in setting up their devices, troubleshooting any issues, and providing ongoing technical support.

So, whether you’re an older adult looking to embrace the digital world or a community member passionate about supporting them, CloudWyze is here to help. Together, we can bridge the digital divide and ensure that no one is left behind in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

southern nash senior center learning about internet cloudwyze