#WFH: be strategic with your time

African American man working from home utilizing broadband internet remote technology
CloudWyze offers a free technology audit through the end of May

On April 1, 2020, a CNN report stated that 8 of every 10 Americans are currently under some form of stay-at-home order.

While this puts IT in a heightened state of support for remote workers, technology managers may be in fewer meetings and therefore have an opportunity to think strategically about the systems currently in place. This is especially important given the prediction that work-from-home or bantered across social media as #WFH, will be the new norm when businesses see the light of day post-Covid19.

For those of you who hold a position that manages the technology at your firm, we at CloudWyze have a challenge: use this time strategically to learn what’s working and what could be improved upon within your technology systems.

Why are we suggesting this? We learn from our clients.

We had a client call us last week wondering about his internet service. Most all of his employees were working remotely, and yet he wasn’t seeing better bandwidth at the office. After asking some questions and researching his systems, we suggested an internet audit for his firm. As a client, it cost him nothing but the time to answer some questions.

Our analysis found that by upgrading his broadband package, he would double the speeds and yet receive reduced invoices.

We wondered: how many of the businesses throughout North and South Carolina might find faster/cheaper/better systems if they could only have an audit done for them?

Most undertake an audit of some form every few years. They wait this long because security and systems audits might run companies upwards of $10,000. But in the spirit of using this time wisely, we’d like to offer our technology assessment service to you–free. No strings attached.

Of course, it won’t be the ultra-detailed approach we normally take, as all the work must be done remotely and with respect for #WFH. But we’ll interview you to get a sense of what you’d like to have addressed, and after running the tests we can run remotely, we’ll provide you with a report and recommendations. You will not be committing to any other service.  And it won’t take too much of your time.

So–whether you’re a current client or someone new, we’re happy to roll up our sleeves for you and make sure your systems are in tip-top shape.

Interested in learning more?

Contact sales@cloudwyze.com before the end of May 2020, and we’ll get you started right away.