What We Love about Nash County, NC

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Tucked away in the state of North Carolina lies Nash County. Although you may see signs for Nash County while driving I-95, it’s a destination that often goes unnoticed amidst its more renowned counterparts in the Triangle Region. However, don’t be deceived by its unassuming reputation.

If you’re yearning for a taste of Southern living, this captivating county has an abundance of offerings for residents and visitors alike. A you know, we are passionate supporters of the rural communities in North Carolina. That’s why we are elated to reveal the reasons we are smitten with Nash County (and why you’ll love it, too)!

Historical Small-Town Charm

To begin, we have to talk about all the charm you’ll find in Nash County. It boasts a collection of quaint small towns – each with its own unique character. From the vibrant community of Rocky Mount to historic downtown Nashville, you’ll find picturesque streets lined with beautiful buildings, cozy cafes, and local shops.  

Exploring these towns feels like stepping back in time. Before you know it, you’ll find yourself embracing the warm hospitality deeply ingrained in the local culture. However, you can take the hospitality a step further by visiting and volunteering with the many local organizations that make a big difference in the county.  

For instance, a Touch of the Father’s Love Ministry is a non-profit organization that helps alleviate food insecurity throughout Nash. CloudWyze has volunteered with the organization several times and highly recommends supporting their amazing work.

Outdoor Adventures

Next, the great outdoors is another area the county truly shines! Nature enthusiasts will be delighted by Nash County’s abundance of awe-inspiring beauty and outdoor recreation options. The county is home to several parks, including the following: 

Battle Park 

Battle Park has got everything a lover of nature could possibly want. Enjoy scenic trails, picnicking spots, and even fish American Shad, Hickory Shad, and Striped Bass.  

Tar River Paddle Trail  

For those seeking a bit more adventure, the Tar River Paddle Trail spans over 55 miles of the Tar River and Stony Creek, offering ten convenient access points for canoeing and kayaking enthusiasts to explore and enjoy.

Foodies Rejoice

If you’re a foodie, Nash County won’t disappoint! From Southern comfort food to international cuisine, the county’s diverse culinary scene offers something for everyone.  

On your next visit to Rocky Mount, don’t miss an opportunity to visit the only gastropub in NC, Tap @ 1918. Be sure to try the Eastern North Carolina-style barbecue. It’s a local favorite renowned for its slow-cooked, tangy goodness. Fun fact: The restaurant’s chef, Justin Gaines, won Food Network’s Chopped and has been featured on the show Beat Bobby Flay.

Feel like cooking your own delicious meal? Instead, we recommend exploring the Nash County Farmer’s Market. Once there, you’ll find an abundance of fresh seasonal produce and local, homemade treats to stock up your kitchen.

Thriving Culture

Despite its small size, Nash County has a thriving cultural scene that will surprise you.

The Imperial Centre for the Arts and Sciences is a must-visit destination, offering art galleries, a community theater, a children’s science center, and a planetarium. Throughout the year, Nash County hosts a variety of festivals and events that showcase its community pride. From the Down East Music Festival in Rocky Mount to the Nashville Blooming Festival, the calendar is packed with opportunities to join in the fun and get a glimpse into the tight-knit community that calls Nash County home.  

Plus, you might even see our CloudWyze booth at these events throughout the year! CloudWyze is passionate about educating rural communities through our digital literacy program in Nash County and beyond. Ask us about it!

You Oughta Give Nash County a Try

To sum it up, Nash County should definitely be on your radar! You will be astounded by the charming blend of a thriving small-town culture, breathtaking natural beauty, and surprising culinary delights. Whether you’re a resident or a curious traveler, Nash County promises an unforgettable adventure that caters to everyone.

So, why not embark on your next journey and uncover the wonders that await in this captivating corner of North Carolina? 

CloudWyze is Bringing Digital Literacy in Nash County

It is our mission at CloudWyze to provide every resident across North Carolina high-speed internet access. As a dedicated North Carolina internet provider, we provide rural counties, like Nash, equal opportunities for internet access. However, bridging the digital divide goes beyond providing internet access. Educating communities on digital literacy in Nash County and beyond is pivotal as CloudWyze continues to bridge the internet access gap.

Are you interested in digital literacy? We host digital literacy courses with Kramden for Nash County residents at various locations throughout the county. Follow us on Facebook! There, you can stay up to date with the latest locations and times for these courses.