Your connection is about more than your download speed. CloudWyze offers managed bandwidth, dedicated upload, and service that can adjust up or down with your needs.

Business Phone

From one-on-one calls to 1000-user call centers, our focus on providing the latest VoIP technology over the fastest connection ensures your team is set up for success.

Cloud Services

Data stored with us in the cloud is safe, secure, scalable and easy for your employees to access remotely—unlike data sitting on that old server in your back office.


Our CloudWyze network security team has all eyes on your data at all times. Web, email and server filtering, and remote server protection evade attacks before they get to your end user.

IT Management

Whether in-office or remote, consider our IT management support personnel team as part of your core team. We’re your help desk, your hardware specialists, and your software therapists.

Into the Cloud

The entire business world is moving in the direction of taking their network into the cloud. Cloud computing and the utilization of hosted infrastructure allow companies to be more efficient as they share resources, software, and information with employees, no matter their location or device. Rather than purchasing servers, software, data center space, or network equipment, CloudWyze customers buy those resources as a fully outsourced service. This way you can get what you need, exactly and only when you need it.

Remote work is here to stay

Mobility is the reality for today’s knowledge workers, and the work from home lifestyle, even for companies that traditionally didn’t think this would be possible, is not going away soon. The expectation now and moving forward is that anyone should be able to access information from anywhere in the world—from our phones, tablets or PCs; any platform, anytime, from anywhere. Move to the cloud, and your hosted desktop delivers instant access to your computing environment from any device—even a borrowed desktop—at any time.


Cloud is the new “lean”

Just think, when information is no longer device-dependent, backups are no longer an issue. You don’t need a dark, air conditioned room for beeping, energy-guzzling servers anymore. Once you’re in the cloud, all of your data, operating system, software and apps—your entire work environment—are all stored off-site, in an ultra-high security facility. Your team members can acquire a new device, go to your portal, and access the full suite of software, applications, and data, just the way they left it. They—and your business—are suddenly no longer shackled to a brick and mortar location.


Safe, sound, secure

Even if your team all works in-office or on location, the cloud is synonymous with efficiency. Shift your infrastructure to the cloud and you’ll see direct financial savings, relief from backing up and restoring data, increased security, and server/system maintenance. (Honestly the security benefits alone are enough to justify the move to the cloud.) Plus, there are a number of cutting-edge services we provide that most traditional infrastructure deployments can’t, because they are too expensive or complicated to implement locally. Finally, when that next big storm or other unfortunate, unpredictable outside force wreaks havoc in your area, you will never have to worry about your business. CloudWyze data centers are backed with up-to-date compliance standards along with numerous Disaster Recovery options.

Work together from ideal work environments

No matter where your employees are physically, they will all use the same workspace in the cloud. No files to transfer, no files to drop for updates, and no syncing—everyone is on the same page. This is the most efficient way to be when you can’t all be in the same place at the same time. Everyone It seals any communication gaps and resolves any fears you have of lost productivity when working remotely. Oh, and when it comes to onboarding a new employee, just give us a call. Scalability is one of the biggest advantages of cloud computing, because adding another user or server, or even “bursting” when you need greater capabilities for a short period of time can be accomplished on demand.

"I appreciate knowing you are there for my small business and my nonprofit whenever I have an issue."

- Ruth S. - R R Smith Strategic Solutions, LLC

"From the very beginning of our talks, the team members of CloudWyze have been extremely helpful and understanding. The better news is while you expect that when considering a change of vendors, afterwards can be a different story. I am pleased to say the service side of CloudWyze is as accommodating and through as the sales side. No regrets here."

- David F. – Rocky Mount Chamber of Commerce

"With the proper planning, any project can be successful. The CloudWyze team ensures the success of the project."

- Matt A. - Polaris Systems

"You are the best!! I call you all the time for help, and your employees always are super patient, understanding, and super helpful! I highly recommend you all!!!"

- Brian C. - Honeycutt Group

"CloudWyze customer service is fantastic! When it is necessary for representatives to come into the office, they are always kind, efficient, and considerate of our space. On a couple of occasions, I have had to seek help from customer support for issues and the rep always remains patient while we get the issue resolved."

- Lindsay W. – Pathfinder Wealth Consulting

"Cloudwyze is always interested in solutions, not the blame game."

- Tommy Taylor, CEO, United Way of the Cape Fear Area

"Cloudwyze just gets it."

- Dan Kent, Founder & President, Kent Homes

"They have never steered us wrong and always bring solutions to our challenges."

- Dr. Yousry Sayed, President & CEO, Quality Chemical Laboratories, Inc.

"Choosing a technology partner can be overwhelming. Cloudwyze took out the guesswork by providing options for my business, versus a one-size-fits all plan."

- Beau Cummings, Executive VP & Sr. Search Consultant,
Paschal • Murray Executive Search