• Many construction businesses are still in the process of digitalization
  • The increased need to access confidential information remotely from jobsites requires endpoint security and proper network speed
  • Because many construction companies are small businesses without dedicated IT staff, they are vulnerable to cybercrimes


  • Assigning and forecasting proper bandwidth and storage needs allows for expedited digital archiving and ongoing ease of upload and download speeds
  • We implement industry-appropriate levels of filtering, encryption and remote access entry
  • Serving as your in-house team, we will know your IT products and challenges inside and out, and support your users directly, always with an eye on security and best practices

Industry Technology Trends

Many construction industry firms, which may range from architecture businesses to local contractors, are still in the process of fully digitizing their business, which can range from shifting to online inquiries and capturing customer leads and data online, to sharing digital blueprints and signing contracts, to converting project archives, and even remote viewing of sites and projects.

The demand has never been greater for employees to access project files and communicate with colleagues and clients from the jobsite, and to access company data to use while onsite. And many of these firms are small businesses without a dedicated staff to implement and monitor a best-practice plan to protect project data and client information.

Unique Challenges

Construction firms, especially local firms, are known to function with small, or all-in-one support and operations teams that are often wearing multiple hats. That, plus the nature of these businesses, like with a lot of hands-on, in-person services, means they can lag behind other industry sectors when it comes to shifting to digitalization—uploading previously hard-copy files, updating hardware and software, and keeping at the cutting edge with IT and communications. The increasing need to access and navigate both confidential and large files remotely from in-progress jobsites adds a layer of vulnerability and a need for a capable network to do this safely and effectively.

The CloudWyze Solution

When we come onboard to serve construction clients, our goal is to fill the empty but necessary role of IT Management, serving as a true team member, 24/7.

At CloudWyze, We want to support the staff in-office as well as those out in the field with proper remote access and protection. We will ensure your digital archives as well as your current projects are properly secured and backed up, your customer information is encrypted, and your digital communications have multiple layers of filtering to minimize vulnerability. We will take the burden off your administration team from having to be IT experts so you can focus on the work. In fact, we hope you never have to think about IT at all.


Common Services

For high-touch businesses with remote needs like in the construction industry, CloudWyze takes a multi-pronged approach that integrates all hardware, software, the network and user needs. We will ensure your network matches the needs of your firm, supporting large files like CAD, for example. We provide DNS and email filtering, email encryption and network security. We set up easy but secure remote access with endpoint protection, and multi-factor authentication when employees need to access sensitive data. Our team provides software and hardware support and maintain adherence to ever-evolving industry compliance standards. And we always offer best-practice documentation and training for employees in the office and remote.

  • DNS and email filtering
  • Email encryption and network security
  • Set up easy but secure remote access with endpoint protection
  • Multi-factor authentication when employees need to access sensitive data
  • Software and hardware support
  • Best-practice documentation and training for employees in the office and remote.

Construction Industry Case Study

From builders to contractors to architecture firms, the construction industry’s IT needs aren’t just centrally focused in company headquarters. Team members need to remotely access, share and edit increasingly larger files on jobsites. Despite the small size of some firms, IT solutions must be high-end and cutting-edge: technology must be nimble; security must be adequate to protect both a firm’s intellectual property and its customer information and project details. Because of construction firms’ small size, most go without internal IT personnel, and need the support of an all-encompassing IT Management team available and on-call to serve as an in-house solution.

Construction Industry Case Study