• Medical firms have the added responsibility of HIPAA compliance
  • The integration of telehealth requires increased bandwidth and additional security
  • Mostly small businesses, they can’t hire dedicated staff to handle the significant data and security infrastructure and maintenance


  • Always up to date on HIPAA technology compliance, we serve as the in-house compliance experts, maintaining regularly to ensure you remain compliant
  • We get intimate with your hardware and software needs and keep ahead, scaling for seamless updates and upgrades before it starts to impact the business
  • We keep at the cutting edge of evolving medical technology systems so your business can, too

Industry Technology Trends

In the medical field, data storage and security are paramount. In addition to a business’s commitment to protecting its data, companies must be consistently HIPAA-compliant to ensure patient privacy at the highest level or risk legal action, or worse, losing their business.

Whether a facility is serving patients or conducting research, maintaining historic files is an essential practice, so required data storage size is growing all the time. Medical research, testing, imaging and patient care are becoming fully digitized, with the quality and file size increasing every day. And while the pandemic strained the medical community, it also ramped up the adoption of technology and an information boom when research professionals began to meet virtually, and patients became able to see providers from the safety and comfort of their own home.

Unique Challenges

Medical clinics and small provider businesses bear the same burdens of security, privacy and accessibility as large-scale medical companies, but their operating budget can’t always justify a team of on-premise staff.

Ensuring the business’s network bandwidth speed is crucial—even the smallest slowdown can impact revenue and risk quality of care. To optimize business operations, and the efficiency of processing patients before, during and after their visits, equipment and software must be well-maintained. Server space, whether on-premise or in the cloud, needs to be scalable. And the recent addition of virtual visits to many medical practices creates new requirements for software, bandwidth and security to ensure the business is providing top quality care and communications, and adhering to HIPAA compliance.

The CloudWyze Solution

Hiring a dedicated team of experts at the cutting edge allow our medical customers to focus on the business of preventing illness, saving lives and pushing progress in research and treatment.

They can operate daily with the assurance that our team is protecting and backing up data according to best practices. Our team keeps our partners’ ahead of trends and technology advances in the medical industry so they are always aware of upcoming upgrades and options to keep our medical industry customers proactive instead of reactive, which in turn allows them to provide a fast, safe and easy staff and customer experience inside and outside of their facilities.

Common Services

We will always aim not just to set up and secure your medical company or practice, but to become a true partner in your business. In addition to being well-versed in HIPAA compliance, CloudWyze specializes in optimizing small to medium-size solutions by providing you access to the best quality services available, period.

Services we include for our medical industry partners include but are not limited to:

  • Server infrastructure support (on-premise or in-cloud)
  • Electronic health record system (EHR) storage
  • Inter-office connectivity
  • Secure remote access for employees and patients
  • HIPAA monitoring and maintenance