How it works

Once we’ve confirmed you’re in our service area, we come out to install a single, 14-inch antenna at your house and boom, you’re connected! Rather than traveling through wires, we send the internet wirelessly from a nearby tower. This type of residential connection is highly reliable, always up, and always available. From here we can adjust up or down the speed you need in your household to use your internet without having to think about it. Keep reading for more detailed information on how it works!

The benefits of CloudWyze Internet:

  • Lower latency than satellite
  • Faster upload speeds
  • No data caps
Quick and Easy Installations

If you’re within CloudWyze service area with a clear line of sight, your service can be up and running within days of making the first phone call to us. In most cases, all that’s required is the installation of a receiving device that connects to one of the access towers, a router and a wired connection.

It’s Reliable

With a satellite internet, you’re at the mercy of the weather. With cable internet, severed cords can cause outages that could last for substantial periods of time. With CloudWyze, your connection is relatively safe from interference, even in poor weather conditions.

It’s Fast

Because the connection is local, you won’t experience latency issues as with satellite, and your connection will generally be faster than DSL.

It’s Flexible

The internet that you need can change. With family members working or schooling remotely sometimes, you may need to adjust your bandwidth up or down. With CloudWyze, your connection can be adjusted fairly easily, keeping things flexible so you can do what’s best for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where else do you offer service like this?

We have been servicing the Cape Fear region with CloudWyze internet since 2014. We are in discussions with other counties in North Carolina now.

What is the business model, and will it be the same for other locations?

We assume that each county will work with CloudWyze to develop its own specific approach, however the primary differentiator is that we offer a series of business technologies and services to the companies and agencies located in each county.

What is the technology used to deliver internet?

CloudWyze is a hybrid internet provider which means we use a multitude of technologies from fixed wireless to fiber. For your county, we will be doing the same. Fiber will be brought to our network, we will then connect our towers via fiber and/or point to point (a wireless cable) then deliver our service to your residence or business via fixed wireless (such as LTE) or point to point. We operate very much like a mobile carrier except our customers don’t move around (like a mobile phone) which allows us to provide a better, more consistent experience.

How will you decide which regions to expand into?

There are several areas of consideration:

  1. How easy is the area to work with? Are they proactively helping us identify a market for our product? Have they identified a point person or group for us to work with?
  2. How many businesses, agencies and nonprofits are in the region to support the expansion?We realize that the region’s needs are often more for residential access than for business access, but there must be enough business in the region for us to make a long-term commitment. Companies that will ultimately buy services from us – such as cloud services, support, consulting, phone systems or Internet – will carry significant weight in our decision.
  3. What is the terrain? Our primary method of Internet delivery – Fixed Wireless – requires the location receiving the internet to ‘see’ the tower. Mountainous or dense tree-filled regions – particularly pine trees – are areas that are more expensive to service than urban areas or those which are flat and have less trees.

How will you determine where you will provide service next?

CloudWyze uses many data sources to determine the next service location including previous survey data, current survey data, call-ins and data collected by other agencies such as the FCC. If you are interested in service, we always recommend calling our office at (252) 220-5589 and speak with a member of our sales staff located in North Carolina.

How can I support this effort?

Click the link under the map on this page to take the survey.

Available Packages

CloudWyze offers straight-forward pricing, meaning you only pay for the internet that you need – not all of the features you don’t really want or use. Additionally, there are no data limits, meaning you can do what you need to do when it comes to the web without having to worry about added fees or keep track of how much data you’re using.

10 MBPS x 2 MBPS

$51.99* + installation fee

  • Email Correspondence
  • Live Video Chat
  • Music Streaming
  • Casual Gaming
25 MBPS x 3 MBPS

$76.99* + installation fee

  • Previous Features +
  • Remote Learning / Online Classes
  • Multiplayer Action Games
  • HD Video Streaming
50 MBPS x 5 MBPS

$106.99* + installation fee

  • Previous Features +
  • Home Offices
  • Busy Households
  • Multiple HD Video Streaming

*Prices include equipment rental fees

The CloudWyze Customer Experience

Just like internet plans are not one size fits all, customer service shouldn’t be, either.

When you dial us up, you’re speaking to a CloudWyze Customer representative who is trained to adapt to your specific needs, not walk you through a script. When you call for support, you can expect the same hometown spirit you get when we visit you to install your service, or when walking into a CloudWyze customer center in your town. We’re excited about technology, and we’re excited to teach it to you. Want to know in techy terms the nuts and bolts of what we’re doing when we help you? Please ask! We’ll never talk down to you, and we’ll stay on the line until we’ve figured it out. We believe equal access to the internet is a right, and we believe the more you know about connecting to all the information that is out there, the more exciting and fulfilling life can be.

“The Cloudwyze customer service has been excellent. Far superior to what I’ve experienced with Centurylink over the years. Once the kinks are worked out with the service, I’m sure the ratings will rise.”

– Lynwood, Residential Customer

“We have found Cloudwyze to be responsive to any issues we have had.”

– Todd, Allegra® Marketing & Print Solutions, Rocky Mount, NC

“I’m happy with your services, quick response, and excellent customer service. By far, this is the best rural internet service.”

– Lilly, Residential Customer