• Non-profits are historically underfunded when it comes to IT equipment—their causes they serve are paramount to allocating funds to hardware and software
  • Their teams are rarely large enough to have dedicated IT management staff
  • Gravitating towards lowest-cost options and services often results in mixed-vendor providers and insufficient quality and service


  • Maintaining regular hardware and software and best practice procedures keeps replacement costs down and remote access secure
  • We serve as your all-in-one, in-house experts, troubleshooting issues and offering help-desk support in real time, to minimize security and outage risks
  • By keeping abreast of industry trends and company challenges, we keep ahead of scaling needs for seamless transitions

Industry Technology Trends

Non-profits are often the boots on the ground in communities at home and around the world.

In an increasingly digital-dependent society, staying connected can be very literally a lifeline for those served by non-profits, even in the most remote areas. With teams leveraged to be efficient, many of these organizations continue to operate with the minimal acceptable equipment, bandwidth, service options and IT staff, also lagging behind in remote access and security. Recent advancements in data analytics means these organizations are importing, and managing increasing amounts of data, and a variety of software apps required to realize and visualize that data.

Unique Challenges

Out of all the businesses we serve, non-profits are among the most affected when their connections become unstable.

Outages, mismatched bandwidth and frustrating IT service problems can really slow the flow of support these businesses give to the communities they serve. Often underfunded, non-profit IT budgets don‘t enjoy the luxury of “latest and greatest” hardware and software refreshes that for-profit businesses do. They also lack adequate in-house resources dedicated to IT service. When it comes to service providers, cost is a main driver, which results in mixed-vendor networks that pass the buck. When there is any issue, without expert knowledge, a leadership member is called to lean in to support IT and chase problems instead of focusing on their primary role.

The CloudWyze Solution

When we work with non-profits our priority focus is to ensure continuity of communications – and the proper bandwidth and equipment to meet that standard.

Next, we work to keep you ahead of hardware, software security updates. We get ahead of scaling before it slows you down, maintaining operations and conducting upgrades seamlessly. We also act as your in-person IT team: supporting employees from admin to end users out in the field, from your cloud or on-premise servers to your desktops, and everything IT in between.

Common Services

For non-profits, our focus is on your people as much as on your products. We can assign our team to provide product, service and security support, helpdesk-level access, and employee education to ensure best practices are common knowledge, which not only keeps your data safe, but it keeps your business up and running. We monitor speed, security and bandwidth on an ongoing basis. We set up the proper, non-profit versions of your software stacks. The closer we can work with you, the less often your team will need to worry about their laptop or their logins, freeing you all to focus exclusively on your cause.

  • Provide product, service and security support
  • Helpdesk-level access
  • Employee education
  • Set up the proper, non-profit versions of your software stacks
  • Monitor speed, security and bandwidth