Connecting the Carolinas

Sometimes your life simply needs better technology and we’re here when you need it – at work, at home, and at play.

For Home

Learn more about our fast, reliable and local home internet services. We have a variety of affordable packages and special offers.

For Business

Learn more about how our local team of technology experts become an extension of your team and keep your business moving.

Reliable Solutions

Reliable Solutions

Whether you’re watching Netflix at home or securing sensitive data at work CloudWyze has you covered at work, at home and at play.
Premium Service

Premium Service

You can rest easy knowing that you are backed by a team of local experts who address your concerns with accuracy and a smile.
Local Team

Local Team

We are more than just a service provider, we are your neighbors, your friends, and your community members who are committed to your success.
Competitive Rates

Competitive Rates

We provide affordable internet services and turn-key IT solutions for residents and businesses throughout North Carolina.

Equal access is our mission

The struggle for rural communities to attain equal access to broadband is real. There are still many residents throughout North Carolina who do not have access to reliable internet services. At CloudWyze, we quite frankly feel that this is unacceptable, and that all residents, no matter where they might live, deserve access to the best technology and internet service possible. That’s why CloudWyze is on a mission to deliver fast, reliable internet access to every resident in North Carolina.

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Equal Access Mission
Your outsourced technology team

Your outsourced technology team

Technology management can be time consuming and frustrating if IT is not your expertise, so why manage it yourself? Our local team of technology experts get to know your business so well that we actually become an extension to your team.

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You’re in good hands

Where intuitive technology and great people meet, you get CloudWyze. Our team brings a personal approach to solving technology challenges for residents and organizations across rural North Carolina. Get all the results you’d expect from a big company, but with the attention you’d get from your next door neighbor.

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"The internet service they provide is excellent, even better than what you would find inside large cities. Living in rural Nash County, their technology is lightyears ahead of what the current provider is able, or even willing, to offer. Their customer service is fantastic, easy to get in contact with, and you speak to a live person from NC whom you can understand. "
Michael Moore
Business Customer
"Our entire team loves CloudWyze! As a busy owner, it’s nice to have our employees have someone to lean on for IT issues. Our needs are always handled quickly. When we have special projects, Cloudwyze digs in with tremendous knowledge to help our company get to the next step. We feel safer as a business with CloudWyze as our partner."
Mark Johnson
Business Customer
"The customer service was fast, friendly, and got my laptop fan fixed perfectly. Laptop is no longer making any loud noises. Having this friendly and rapid response to my technical need is so important to do my work, so I am thankful to have the staff at CloudWyze always ready to respond and get what I need done or anything my staff needs."
Bridget Carroll
Business Customer

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